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Surface Treatment Business Division

  The Surface Treatment Business Division specialized in the R$D, design,

manufacture and sale of the electroplating equipment. Its leading products

include automatic rotary vertical plating line, copper and chrome plating line,

tin plating line (for electronic components), electro-less nickel plating line,

hard chrome plating line, passivation cleaning line, gantry type double barrel

plating line (for precision electronic),gantry type nickel and tin plating line.

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Here are branches of Surface Treatment Business Division engaged in manufacturing plating equipment:

Shenzhen HEKEDA Plating Equipment Co., Ltd.

Suzhou HEKEDA Surface Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd.

Dongguan HEKEDA Industrial Specialized Equipment Co., Ltd.

 Surface Treatment Equipment

  HEKEDA has provided many surface treatment enterprises with continuous, overall, one-stop service for stable and safe running of equipment, thus having earned wide recognition and trust in this industry, and its products has sold to famous enterprises in China and has been exported to foreign countries like Japan, Turkey, India, Singapore, Malaysia, North Korea and Vietnam, etc.

Gantry type double barrel plating line for electronic components


Automatic gantry type barrel plating line


Automatic gantry type barrel plating line


Automatic reel to reel terminal plating line


Automatic closed type rack plating line


Automatic gantry type rack plating line


Automatic rotary rack plating line with double cathode


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